A detailed look into the benefits of an Italian Passport

Italian passports are one of the most sought-after passports in Europe – and even around the globe – for a number of reasons. Not only is an Italian passport fairly direct to acquire if you meet the requirements, but it also gives travelers a way to explore the EU without needing a visa. Below, you’ll find an overview of the Italian passport that highlights what makes it so good, and what it looks like when you have one of your own.

Easy Travel, Easy Access

According to Passport Index, the Italian passport is tied for 3rd place when ranking for total passport power. This means that Italian passports allow you to have easy access to many countries around Europe – 127 of them, in fact! It’s one of the best ways to travel visa-free, even better than if you had a United States passport, as the U.S. ranks in 4th place on Passport Index’s Global Passport Power Rank.

Another study recently done by the International Citizenship Index breaks down some of the best citizenships worldwide based on more modern criteria.

Be A Citizen of Italy!

With an Italian passport, you are becoming a citizen of Italy. But not just Italy; you’ll be a citizen of the EU. You can benefit from all of the advantages and allowances that EU citizenship has to offer.

Some of these benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • The ability to live, work and purchase property in all of the 28 countries in the EU for as long as you’d like
  • Relocation priorities for jobs in economically prosperous areas
  • Direct access to public services such as urgent care, doctors, dentists, and insurance agents
  • Representation from any state embassies or consulates around the European Union
  • The right to vote in many different Italian Parliament elections
  • Vehicle importation without taxation
  • Automatic citizenship status granted to your dependents under 18 years of age

Citizens of Italy and the European Union get priority when it comes to any kind of work or school opportunities across the 27 nations. This is because non-EU citizens often cost businesses and institutions additional legal fees, insurance costs, and other additional considerations. But as an Italian passport holder, you will be held to the same priority as a citizen. This means that you’ll be able to apply to jobs and colleges without being automatically shoved to the bottom of the list.

If you work for a multinational corporation, and you are interested in relocating to anywhere within the European Union, it would be much easier to achieve this when you have an Italian passport. You will get a free pass to live or work anywhere you want without needing to apply for special visas or extra documents that only serve to complicate your stay.

Read more about the many benefits of Italian citizenship here.

Get Full Healthcare in the EU

In addition to the great educational, professional, and financial benefits you’ll be getting as an Italian passport holder, you will also gain a number of medical advantages that you can make use of within the entirety of the Union.

In Italy, the government-issued healthcare cards are merged with the official European Health Care Card, giving you one card-sized document that you can carry with you wherever you go. Once you are officially an Italian resident, and you receive one of these cards, you would be wise to carry it in your wallet at all times. This will give you all the same rights as an EU citizen to visit emergency doctors and take advantage of the healthcare system should you fall ill.

Use the Fastest Travel Options

Your Italian passport allows you to use the special Fast Track lines that are reserved for EU citizens only. This is a fast-moving immigration queue that gives you a super-quick way to get through customs and security lines at airports, train stations, and all major travel hubs. This is valid both inside and outside of the EU and includes travel to the UK as well.

Coming to and from the EU will give you an opportunity to make use of the biometric scanners, which are advanced security screening machines that can save you from having to wait in regular security checkup lines. You can simply get your passport checked, and you’ll be on your way to your next travel destination.

Overview of Italian Passport in detail with benefits of Italian citizenship

What Your Italian Passport Looks Like

Every single component of an Italian passport is important, from the embedded micro-security options to the identification details.
It breaks down like this:

  • A unique bio-metric chip is inserted into the passport, and it is unique to you, making it difficult (if not impossible) to duplicate.
  • On the first page, you’ll see the symbol of the European Union as well as the Italian Republic, and the word “passport” printed in every language represented by the countries of the EU. Below that, you’ll find your individual passport identity number.
  • The second page contains your personal details that define you as a citizen, including things like your name, eye color, hair color, age, birthdate, and more. Sometimes this information continues onto the third page.
  • Also on the third page, you’ll find three separate sections that provide more information about your residency. If you live in Italy, the city in which you live will be printed on this page. But if you are from another country and you have an original address, that address will be printed there instead. The Italian government requires you to have only one legal residence at a time.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will find a small photo of yourself, and that photo will be printed again in a smaller, more opaque form with your official signature underneath. You will find more personal information underneath that which includes your place of birth, first and last name, sex, and the expiration date of your passport.
  • Every page of your passport includes your unique passport identification number embedded at the bottom.

These extra security measures are taken by the Italian government to ensure that your passport cannot be copied, forged, or replicated in any way. Once you receive it, you will have the same rights as any other citizen of the EU and the subsequent Italian region in which you will now be living. This also means that you are subject to the laws and regulations of the EU as well.

Get Your Italian Passport Now!

If you are thinking about relocating to Italy for the next great work or school opportunity, the best and easiest way to do so is with an Italian passport. Obtaining one can be possible if you have Italian ancestry, and it offers more freedoms and benefits than most other passports around the world. Contact us to start your next opportunity by becoming an EU citizen today.

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