Reacquire and reestablish Italian citizenship when renounced

The reacquisition of Italian citizenship is regulated by the Italian government in the provisions of Article 13 of Law No. 91/92. According to Italian law, Italian citizens who naturalized as a citizen of a foreign country before August 15, 1992 renounced their Italian citizenship. This has caused many of these Italian citizens to become upset as they were unaware the international law in place caused them to renounce their Italian citizenship unknowingly.

Since the law change the Italian government has stated that those born in Italy that renounced their Italian citizenship by acquiring the citizenship of another country before August 16, 1992 can now reacquire Italian citizenship if they meet the Italian governments requirements by establishing an Italian residence for a period of time, likely 2 months – 1 year. The applicant is required to establish residency in their local Comune and submit the application in person once they have done so.

The Process to Reacquire or Reestablish Italian Citizenship

By Automatic Re-acquisition:

  • You can reestablish your Italian citizenship by relocating to Italy for about 2 months to 1 year, with the only exception being if you renounced your citizenship within the given period of time.

By Declaration (Conditional Requirements):

  • You must serve in the Italian military
  • You must be or have previously been an Italian government employee (International offices eligible)
  • If you reside abroad, you must relocate to Italy and establish a legal residence. You then can submit and application for re-acquisition to the Italian consulate with proof of legal Italian residence.
  • Once your Italian residence has been established for a two year time frame, and can supply sufficient proof that you have left the foreign government employment system or armed forces has been completed despite the restrictions in place from the Italian government.

Required Documents for Reestablishing Italian Citizenship

When you submit your declaration paperwork, you must also include:

  • Birth certificate (“estratto per riassunto del certificato di nascita”)
  • Documentation proving that you were previously an Italian citizen (Italian passport)
  • Documentation proving your foreign citizenship or that you have ’Stateless’ status (USA Passport or valid photo ID)
  • Certificate of naturalization (original plus a photocopy)
  • Driver’s license (as proof of residency in the jurisdiction of this Consulate)
  • Proof of payment

Reacquiring Italian Citizenship Through Marriage for Women

Women who lost their Italian citizenship by marrying a foreigner before Jan 1, 1948, can now reestablish their Italian citizenship even if they are living in another country by way of filing a declaration. The declaration for reacquiring their Italian citizenship must be properly filled out and submitted to an official of Statistics office (Angrafe) of the city you reside in Italy. If you live overseas, you must submit the documents to the local Italian consulate.

Reacquiring Italian Citizenship if You Were a Minor

If you became a citizen of another country as a minor (younger than 21 years old until March 10, 1975 or younger than 18 years old after March 10, 1975), you are also required to submit your parents birth certificates, marriage certificates, and foreign naturalization certificates to the Italian consulate. You must schedule an appointment with your local Italian consulate and come to your appointment in person and produce the required documents. You will then be required to sign a declaration of intent stating that you intend to reacquire Italian citizenship by meeting the necessary requirements of establishing a legal residence in Italy for at least one year.

Although the physical documents will be required to be produced at the Italian consulate, the declaration form can be completed at the Comune in Italy where you establish your legal residence.

Contact our official Italian Dual Citizenship (IDC) team for assistance reacquiring your Italian citizenship.

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