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What You Can Expect During Your IDC Phone Consultation

We will do all the necessary background research for you and your family free of both charge & obligation to determine if you successfully qualify for Italian Dual Citizenship. You can contact us directly at (213) 277-8705.

If you’re intent on applying for Italian citizenship by descent or Italian citizenship through marriage, you need to know first that you qualify, and second what specifically is required for your case to apply for Italian citizenship. This starts with a phone consultation (free of charge) to review your eligibility options, the requirements you must meet and how to apply for Italian citizenship.

Free IDC phone consultation

Depending on your needs, you’ll be provided a quote based on the services necessary for you to secure the rights and benefits of Italian citizenship.

Information Good To Have For The Phone Consultation:

  • Italian ancestor’s first and last name, birthplace, birthdate and where they live in the U.S.
  • Documents or Information that relate to the Italian ancestor – birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, etc. (if available)
  • Information about their naturalization
  • Names of ancestor’s descendants

Italian Citizenship Is Based On Descent Of Female Ancestor

If you are applying for Italian citizenship through a female ancestor, we will review your particular case and determine if you can obtain citizenship through the maternal side of your family. We will let you know what documents are needed for your Italian citizenship case and discuss the best service options we can provide for you.

Italian Citizenship Through Marriage

During our consultation, we offer you information about citizenship by marriage. We can discuss documents such as marriage certificate from Italy, document translations, background checks and how to submit your application to the Ministry of Affairs for a review. We can set up an interview with the U.S. Italian Consulate to discuss your case in person.

We can provide you a quote based on exactly what is necessary to complete your case.

What Information Is Necessary At Appointment Time?

  • Current address and registration of Italian spouse
  • City in Italy where marriage was acknowledged and registered
  • Non-Italian spouse’s birth city and state and any state they have lived in since they were 14 years old.
  • List of documents already obtained

The application process is different for everybody who wants to apply for Italian citizenship, which is why we provide a custom quote and individualized services to all our clients. We work with highly-experienced Italian lawyers, immigration specialists and genealogists to quickly and smoothly complete clients’ Italian dual citizenship requests.

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