100% Money Back Guarantee


Our goal is to offer you the highest quality service for dual Italian citizenship. We offer a guarantee on both our Italian Application and Executive Packages. With these packages, you are provided with a done for you service where our team of IDC citizenship experts take care of everything you necessary to apply for Italian citizenship. Your Citizenship Kit (what we put together) will be made ready for your appointment with the Italian Consulate.

You may need to forward IDs, signatures and mail from time to time, but everything else is handled by us when you request these services to obtain Italian citizenship benefits.

What’s Our Policy?

If, for whatever reason, the Italian consulate in the U.S. or Italy’s chosen municipality permanently denies your application after three attempts, we will refund you the whole service fee, which is returned to you by certified check.

Some citizenship cases are very complex, and the 100% money back guarantee may not always apply. You can confirm with us if the money back guarantee will apply for your case before getting started.

Before you start, please ask us if your case is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. If we feel it is, we will note it in our service agreement.

The guarantee, however, is voided, in the following cases:

  • Payment is delinquent
  • You refuse legal counsel when it is necessary for a successful appointment
  • Failure on your part to authorize IDC to acquire the pertinent documents for your case
  • You refuse to attend your subsequent appointment when necessary

Special Note – Some consulates – Boston, Los Angeles and New York – had made it the norm to make more than one appointment with time-consuming amendments. In cases such as these, we prepare the Citizenship Kit for the first appointment to show the consulate where you’ll be attending and the documentation quality. We are not to be held liable for any appointment date or time or how much time it takes for the consulate to review the application for Italian citizenship.

Additional Fees

Service fees include the actual service’s cost and do not include out-of-pocket charges as noted below:

All Italian citizenship by descent applications are unique, so the fees for certificates will vary by country and state. Furthermore, the number of certificates necessary for each case can vary.

Regardless, the final responsibilities we have remain fairly constant, and to provide a flat rate along with an in-depth guarantee, we keep the service fees separate from the expenses.

Our billable expenses will include any out-of-pocket expenses that tie into your Citizenship Portfolio as well as the process to prepare your Italian citizenship application. This will typically include but is not limited to:

  • Authorization and certification costs
  • Agency fees
  • Notary fees
  • Postage and shipping
  • Public transit/gas fees for onsite research (when deemed necessary)
  • Customized translations*

A court order may be required** when there is a major name change, inconsistencies in the documents and when civil records have not been registered.

To be completely transparent, invoices will lay out all expenses and have copies of receipts. Expenses are billed after they take place*** and you must submit payment once it comes in.

Billable expenses are typically given to clients who choose the Assistance or Executive Package. However, clients who choose the Citizenship Assistance Program incur the same costs but must pay them when asked and collect all the pertinent information.

Special Note – *Legal documents in languages other than English may be outsourced. **This is typically seen more with applicants in Boston, Los Angeles and New York City than other areas. ***A payment plan is offered only on service fees amount.

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