Marco Permunian Italian lawyer at IDC

Our principal attorney Marco Permunian, is an expert at jure sanguinis Italian citizenship cases. He received his law degree from the University of Ferrara in Italy. The University of Ferrara is located in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy between Bologna and Venice and was founded in the year 1391.

Marco is a highly experienced lawyer in Italy (registered with the Rovigo Bar Association) and is the principal lawyer at IDC that employs several professionals, including lawyers, genealogists, translators and outside specialists.

Marcos oversees multiple levels of our process, including ancestry records retrieval, analyzing complicated citizenship cases, providing legal advice, and finalizing all documents for submission. Marco brings an extraordinary amount of knowledge and experience in the field of the Italy’s civil law procedures, immigration and both Italian and United States citizenship law to our team. It is his knowledge base that makes him such a valuable asset to our clients and team.

Marco comes from a family of Italian lawyers and has worked with law firms in Italy and the United States on a multitude of cases including international transactions, commercial matters and immigration.

Marco has traveled to several countries and has been the speaker of international workshops and seminars relating to the most current laws regarding immigration and obtaining Italian citizenship. If you would like Marco to speak at your next conference, please feel free to contact us.

Marco is multilingual and speaks English, Italian and Spanish fluently. He travels in between our Italy and United States offices to diligently assist our clientele. Rest assured you are in good hands with the IDC team.

If your heritage is from Italy and are interested in claiming Italian citizenship by descent, contact us today to review your case details and determine your best path to successfully achieving dual citizenship!

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