Italian Dual Citizenship Application Form & Process


If you qualify for dual citizenship, you might have heard that the Italian citizenship application process is pretty straightforward. It’s true, Italy is one of the most lenient country in Europe when it comes to dual citizenship. Italy has implemented a law called ‘jus sanguinis’ which ensures that most people of Italian descent can qualify so long as they can prove their Italian heritage.

There are some stipulations and potential obstacles to encounter for every individual so contact our team to discuss your most successful application process. Italy offers some incredible benefits to those who qualify which is often enough to make the following process very worthwhile.

In this article, we talk briefly about the Italian dual citizenship application form and how you can go about getting started with the process.

Making an Appointment for Italian Dual Citizenship

You will need to call and make an appointment for your application but it’s also possible to make this appointment by visiting your local consulate in person. Unfortunately, the wait time for these appointments tends to be rather long and you may need to wait up to eighteen months for your respective date. That being said, patience is the key to success in this process and if you start ahead of time, there should be no great rush or reason as to why you cannot wait for this time to come.

What Forms You Need for Italian Dual Citizenship

After making an appointment, you will need to start gathering the supporting documents for your application. Whether you select a parent or paternal grandparent as the ancestor through which to obtain dual citizenship, the list of documents in each case is almost identical. For example, you will need to obtain a certified copy of birth certificate, marriage certs, naturalization records and possibly death certs.

You will need to obtain an apostille for these documents which is essentially another document to validate your certificates along with Italian translation from a approved translator.

As for the actual Italian dual citizenship application form, this is one of three documents that you can download from the Italian Consulate General and here is a list of the other forms:

  • Italian Dual Citizenship Application Form
  • Declaration of Applicant Form
  • Declaration of Living Italian Descendant or Declaration of Deceased Italian Descendant

Note: While there is no Italian citizenship application online, you can download the necessary forms above and take these to the consulate with you on the day of your appointment.

Where to Submit Your Italian Dual Citizenship Application Form

When you complete this form, you will need to submit the application and supporting documents to your local consulate in person. That is to say, you cannot apply online or post this application form and you can only attend an Italian consulate in your local jurisdiction. In case you may not know which one to contact, click here for a list of the Italian Consulates in the USA.

About the Cost of Italian Citizenship Application

Although the cost of an Italian dual citizenship application changes from time to time, you should expect to pay approximately $395 at the time of submitting this application. However, this fee is not refundable under any circumstance and payment can only be made via money order to the Italian Consulate General.

Please note it may take between two and four weeks to receive approval and your dual citizenship certificate. During this time, you might want to check the status of Italian citizenship application and while you can do this by contacting the consulate, it’s best to wait as long as possible before doing so.

The above fee for dual citizenship does not include the cost of an Italian passport ($145) which is something for which you can only apply after receiving your dual citizenship.

Final Thoughts on the Dual Citizenship Application Process

It’s a great feeling to receive approval for Italian dual citizenship and the privilege offers many benefits to the individual, not least of which is the opportunity to live “La Dolce Vita’. As already mentioned, it can take time to go through the process but the success rate is high for those who have legitimate ties to Italy.

For many people, an Italian dual citizenship expert can expedite the process and make the difference between your application being accepted or denied. Contact us today to for a free consultation.

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