IDC Basic Services

We offer a host of basic services for people interested in becoming a dual Italian citizen. Many of the services we offer include but is not limited to:

Professional Translation Service

Any document related to dual citizenship will be professionally translated by our IDC translators to the Italian Courts standards. The cost of the service is based on the Italian documents to be translated.

  • Marriage Certificate – $50
  • Birth Certificate – $50
  • Death Certificate – $50 (per page)
  • Single Page Documents – $50 (per page)
  • Divorce decrees have a by-page price.

U.S. Records Search

We have a U.S. Records specialists who will attain certified copies of marriage, death and divorce records. The specialists will also attain, for you, the “certificate of “no appeal” in the U.S. Make sure you reach out for an individualized quote for the documents you need. The cost for these documents is $110 for one certificate.

Attainment Of Italian Records

We will work to attain Italian Vital Records from anywhere in the country. The price you pay is based on the record preparation, appeals to the Italian Public Source, the Procurement Specialists’ need to follow up and mailing you the records to your home.

How Does It Work?

Once we receive the documents from you, we send them to the right office. We make calls to where records are kept, talking with the records clerk and sending them a formal request by letter as well as additional requirements necessary. We make another inquiry a week until we get the documents or a certified later that informs us there are no records for the submitted name and dates. The process will not continue if we cannot locate a certificate for incorrect information. We use the information you give us to start the process. If the information you have provided is not right, you’ll be sent a certified letter that noted after an exhaustive search no record could be found for the submitted name.

Service Cost:

$50 to $150, dependent on the required Certificate

  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Italian Certificate of Citizenship
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Military Record
  • State of Family Record

$100 for every Birth or Marriage Record Registration for a recently recognized Italian citizen.

We Can Help You Renew Your Italian Passport and Register With AIRE

As an Italian citizen, you can get a passport to travel to and from the country. If you need help to attain or renew the passport, we can help you apply for one. Be aware that you must first be AIRE registered.

  • AIRE Registration – $250
  • Passport Renewal – $250

Other Services We Provide For Italian Citizenship

Children Citizenship

We can help you to prepare an application for U.S. born children to become Italian citizens. What is the process?

  • We will get together all the documents necessary to register your children
  • Set up an appointment with the Italian Consulate
  • Procure records in the country, U.S. or wherever necessary
  • Assist with the entire legalization process for records
  • Translate documents from English to Italian
  • Form preparation for filing
  • Prepare passport applications for children

Review Then Submit For Italian Citizenship

We will review all the information we have obtained and compile a short report of the records to submit these to your local consulate or an Italian commune for citizenship by descent. If it shows more activities are necessary, you have the option to take care of it yourself or allow us to continue using our Comprehensive IDC Services.

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